In Search of Custom Packettes and Sachets? JP Packaging Has You Covered.

JP Packaging offers standard and die cut packette and sachet options for your sampling or unit dose needs. We can help you create packaging that is custom engineered to suit your unique product and branding needs. Tell us about your unique needs, and we can custom design a solution just for you from our wide variety of shapes and sizes. We offer fills ranging from .5mL to 20mL for liquids, or from 1.0 gram to 30+ grams of powder.

Our strong, secure packettes and sachets accommodate both hot and ambient fill options, and viscosities spanning from thin, watery liquids to thick, dense balms. Our expertise extends to powder applications, from nutritional products to powder-to-liquid cleansers.

Our packettes and sachets are the perfect canvas for your custom decoration utilizing specialized finishes including metallic cold foil, gloss, matte, soft touch, satin coatings, and more. Maximize your marketing impact by pairing your packettes with custom designed fold-over or coupon packettess. You can make even more space for graphics and product information by attaching your packette to a decorated card, or insert one or more packettes into a printed envelope.

JP Packaging’s extensive experience and value-added knowledge are vital assets for your projects. Based on your product’s formulation, we can apply our technical knowledge to recommend the best packaging materials for your packettes. We will help you meet critical dates for product launches, shows and retail events with our accelerated production processes. We will also help you keep ahead of the curve and reach your production goals, navigate any potential challenges, and eliminate guesswork.

Expedite Your Path to Market with Packette Express

In today’s fast paced beauty and personal care industries, speed to market has never been more critical.
Created with indie and emerging brands in mind, our value-added Packette Express program is designed for speed. We provide a high end, low minimum order quantity (MOQ) sampling solution with shorter lead times, consisting of pre-engineered packets that require no time-consuming sizing or expensive tooling. Whether you are in search of a packette for product sampling or a sachet for unit dose programs, our expedited production process minimizes wait times and guesswork, getting your product to market faster.

JP Packaging’s patent pending packet design features an easy action lever opening and controlled dispensing through a formed spout in the top. Our packettes are available in various stock substrates that will protect your products from light and exposure to air, while featuring your brand graphics.

The Packette Express process is as easy as specifying your order quantity and sending us the graphics to be featured on your packets.

Complete your fastest route to market, with the ideal packet or sachet for your product, with Packet Express in just three easy steps:

  1. Choose from our variety of pre-engineered packets in fill sizes from 0.5mL to 20mL
  2. Indicate your order quantity – our low MOQ threshold is 10,000 units per item
  3. We’ll decorate your packet with your custom graphics and brand artwork, then fill your product with speed and precision

Packet Express is the perfect solution for:

  • Skincare – lotions, creams, gels, toners, serums, sunscreens, exfoliators, and bath & body washes
  • Cosmetics – primers, lip treatments, and self-tanners
  • Haircare – shampoos, conditioners, oils, targeted treatment products, and styling formulas
  • Personal Care – Makeup brush cleaners, dental treatments, hand sanitizers, first aid products, and detergents

Your Success is Our Success

At the heart of JP Packaging’s quick to market Packet Express program is communication. From initial contact to roll out, we will actively listen and work perceptively to understand your goals, requirements, and expectations, and meet your unique objectives and timing. Effective communication is the key to hitting milestones and smoothing your road to success.

Leverage JP Packaging’s Know-How to your Advantage

When you partner with JP Packaging for your turnkey or custom engineering project, you’ll benefit by leveraging our staff’s decades of hands-on experience to your advantage. Our seasoned packaging professionals have seen a lot and are ready to enrich your production experience with their consultative expertise. At JP Packaging, we’ll get you to market quickly with a uniquely personalized touch.

A person working on the purchase of custom moist towelettes in Chester, NY