Customized Moist Towelettes in Chester, NY

Our team of packaging professionals will help you make high-quality, pre-saturated towelettes that your customers can use with ease.

Pre-moistened towelettes have taken the beauty and household cleaning industries by storm thanks to their limitless application potential and unparalleled convenience. Allow JP Packaging’s expert team of packaging professionals help apply your formula onto our high-quality, pre-saturated, non-woven towelettes that your customers can use with ease, whether in the home, at the gym or on the road during travel.

JP Packaging is FDA registered to fill OTC drug products (including sunscreens), and EPA registered to fill surface sanitizers and insect repellents, making us your ideal partner for all of your unit dose towelette needs.

Our non-woven substrates are available in a range of materials, delivering the strength and dependability needed for effective hard surface sanitizing, or the soft, gentle touch required for cosmetic and personal care applications. Choose from among our standard or textured towelettes and ask about our variety of thickness options, so we can help merge your formula with the best possible towelette to optimize the delivery of your formula. Be sure to ask about our 100% cotton, biodegradable towelette and let us help further your brand’s green initiatives! Our eco-friendly towelettes are a perfect way for the eco-conscious consumer to enjoy the convenience of a towelette without compromising their commitment to the environment.

JP Packaging offers a large selection of towelette sizes. With our spectrum of standard and custom sizes, we can provide towelettes ranging from as small as 1x1 inch for precision applications, to as large as 9x21 inches for larger applications. JP Packaging also offers round wipes and die cut under eye pads. We will work with you to find the right size to fit your unique needs.

After you’ve chosen your towelette material, explore our diverse packette options. With single wipe packets, perforated tandem configurations, we can also engineer custom configurations to fit your needs.

Peel & Reseal Package for Round Wipes

JP Packaging’s Peel & Reseal packaging is the perfect vessel for your round wipes. As a sturdy, leak-free complement to your individual use round wipes, our packaging is custom engineered to meet your specifications with reliable seal and reseal functionality.

Our Peel & Reseal packaging format can accommodate configurations ranging from 5 count to 30 count round pads, making this package ideal for both at home and on-the-go uses.

Cosmetic & Personal Care Applications

Increase your formula’s ease of use by pairing it with one of JP Packaging’s soft or textured towelette substrates. Towelettes offer a single-use, smooth, and drip-free application of products such as liquid sunscreens, treatment serums, and toners, all delivered in a precision, mess-free application that provides a comfortable, hygienic, and sanitary experience.

What your beauty and personal care customers can do with towelettes and wipes from JP Packaging:

  • Banish makeup mistakes with the swipe of a skin-soothing, micellar water-saturated towelette
  • Say goodbye to streaky self-tanner application and hello to a towelette that will deliver even coverage for an allover summer glow
  • Whisk away manicure blunders goodbye with a nail polish remover-saturated wipe
  • Spot treat stubborn acne
  • Feminine or personal cleansing when bathing isn’t practical
  • Quick and even application of insect repellant to the skin

Household Sanitation Applications

At a time when cleanliness and sanitation have never been more important, JP Packaging’s towelettes offer an easy, effective solution for disinfecting hard surfaces, inside and outside of the home.
A disposable towelette that is conveniently pre-moistened with your cleaning solution will give your customers the freedom to sanitize hard surfaces like community tables, countertops and gym equipment with ease, knowing each towelette is assured to be as effective on germs as the first, with no formula degradation.

Leverage JP Packaging’s Know-How to your Advantage

When you partner with JP Packaging for your turnkey or custom engineering project, you’ll benefit by leveraging our staff’s decades of hands-on experience to your advantage. Our seasoned packaging professionals have seen a lot and are ready to enrich your production experience with their consultative expertise. At JP Packaging, we’ll get you to market quickly with a uniquely personalized touch.

A person working on the purchase of custom moist towelettes in Chester, NY